How We Work

We use the power of hypnosis to make subtle changes withing you as you request.  Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind; which is the logical, critical and analytical part of the brain and taps into the subconscious which works on a much more literal and personal level and giving suggestion through language that it can understand. 

 For example if you wanted to quit smoking or let go of an issue that was causing you anxiety, telling you to stop  would result in lots of excuses and rational reasons on why you should carry on or why now isn't the correct time top make changes.  If  you were to be  in a hypnotic state you are more susceptible to using the information in a constructive manner and be able to move on from bad habits. The important part is that we let you make the decisions, 





Registered Hypnotherapist


Registered with The Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) and National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia (NHRA) We are  trained, examined and sworn to maintain the highest standards and ethics. 


We hold regular retreats for people who like to incorporate time away and personal growth.  The retreats can be based around a theme (stop smoking, overcoming overwhelm, weight loss, achieving, mindset) or a  reset and regroup for life. enquire here to register an interest.