The Skinny On Hypnosis For Weight Loss.


Weight loss might seem like a purely physical pursuit—eat healthier foods, adjust your calorie intake, move more and the pounds come off, right? But the brain can also be a powerful tool for weight loss.

Understanding our brain is hardwired in our modern day just as our Neanderthal ancestors. They didn’t have refrigerators or pantry’s to store food. In today’s society we have a constant supply of food in the frige rather than seasonal supply to restrict over indulgence on “dangerous foods”.

Having the right mindset can help you achieve the kind of long-term, sustainable success you've been working so hard to achieve. If you have trouble summoning the willpower and mental focus to stick to a diet and exercise plan, you may consider trying hypnosis.

Also known as hypnotherapy, hypnosis is the practice of using guided relaxation and meditation to achieve a trance-like state, with the goal of making the subject more open to suggestions.

Common goals of hypnosis clients include quitting smoking or drinking alcohol, getting better sleep, improving relationships and banishing fears and phobias. In weight-loss hypnosis, the guidance would be geared toward resisting certain foods and staying active. Many people report that hypnosis has helped them to curb cravings and adhere to healthier lifestyles.

If hypnosis is used to aid weight loss, it should be combined with other strategies. "Hypnosis is more effective when used along with a weight-loss program focusing on food intake, exercise and environmental control," 

A good hypnotherapist should be able to modify a weight loss program depending on the client’s motivation and conditioning.

typical strategies might include

  • examine the client’s attitude/values towards health, food and exersize.

  • motivate through visualisation of the benefits. playing with children more, wearing a bikini again to keep on track with healthy living

  • virtual gastric banding to keep portion control in check.

if you are feelling like you need a little support to keep your winter weight in balance feel free to call for a consultation and see if hypnosis can help you. 0403 933 077