How well is your child addapting to school?

The first week of school has passed and while parents are rejoicing getting some routine back and keeping food in the fridge for more than 6 hours at a time, going back to school can be a tough time for some kids. It is a time for change whether it is the first year of school, the first year of high school or perhaps they are changing schools. Whatever the change it will present many new opportunities to expand their current horizons.

What happens if your child isn’t ready?

As kids progress through the school system they develop and encounter new skills and learn to adapt to changes. Some children make this transition easily and some not so much. For those who don’t make the transition easily we can’t shield them from inevitable change, but we can give them skills to cope and make the transition smooth.

First year of school

While pre-school learning environments should have prepared our kids, some inevitably slip through the cracks. if your child is feeling separation anxiety, has trouble toileting, sitting still or following instructions, they can often be helped by encouraging independence and role playing scenarios that may cause angst.


Changing schools

If your kids have recently changed schools and are nervous about fitting in, encourage them to think back to their past experience and remind them that they have all the social skills to fit in and do well, so they can do it again in a new school. If they have confidence that they are likable they are more likely to reach out and make new friends. For those who are lucky enough to have a phone they can remain in touch with their old friends, reframing their point of view and reminding them they really are just making a larger social circle can be a useful exercise.

First year of high school

This can be a scary time for many students, a whole new structure and a new level of independence, multiple teachers and going from top of the school to being the new kids on the block.

Some children are really ready and look forward to stepping up to the next level and again some find the thought confronting and resist. If this is your child, talk about it with them and reinforce that every person at the school had to go through that same experience and that it is just a natural part of growing up and within time they will get used to the new routines and structures.


The ATAR years

If your child is on the final turn of the school system, it can be useful to give them stress management and study skills to help manage the increased workload in those final years. It can also be worth having a conversation with them and asking them what you can do to help them through, be sure to listen and don’t get offended if they say they want less pressure or for you to back off. It can be a fine line between support and pressure and as parents we really do just want to support our kids.

Is it okay to be nervous?

As we remember, we all had fears and worries in our youth, often those fears were more of a burden than they needed to be.

If your child is not managing their worries and they are preventing them from going to school, making friends, sleeping, maintaining grades or just generally making life miserable then hypnotherapy can be a useful way for your child to connect with themselves and come to the conclusion that they are good enough, likable and capable.

Children make great clients with hypnotherapy and we can use that active imagination to really find a playful way to take control of their situation. They naturally explore and try new things as they are playing. This play is generally rehearsing what they might need to do when they are older.

In a hypnotherapy session we would rehearse good experiences and connect with new and beneficial ways of thinking and acting.

Are you ready?

As parents we are role models for our kids and they take cues from us as to whether or not they should be fearful or concerned. It is most helpful for children to see you acting confident that they will be okay, this will send a direct message to them about their own fear.

Adults to make great hypnosis clients, if you’re concerned about the messages you are sending to your child then maybe you might consider hypnosis to send positive messages to your children.