New year same you?


How is your New Year's resolution going?

Why Do People Fail New Year's Resolutions?

We are all guilty of making New Year's resolutions that will improve our life and sticking with them religiously for a week or two in the new year. We slowly but surely revert back to our old ways and go back to the habits we are trying to break.

As a society we make a big deal about the new year new me scenario and we put our best foot forward to quit smoking , lose weight or to get fit  but we often fail because we aren't properly prepared or sufficiently motivated to see it through, we are just making the resolution because we feel we should.


Finding the Right Reason to Change

If you are really going to make permanent change, you have to really want to make changes. When we make a decision to change on the 30th of December, because everyone is making a New Year's resolution, you know full well on a subconscious level that you won't follow through we are resigning ourselves to our unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Change is more likely to be permanent if it is based on an elevated emotion, be that positive or negative. for example if you were to be a smoker and a partner made a derogatory remark about how you smelt of cigarettes that stayed with you,  that might be a strong enough of a negative emotion to motivate you to change.
A much better method would be to use a strong positive emotion to motivate quit smoking, perhaps the thought of feeling great, being active with your children and using food as a fuel to enable this is could be used as a motivator to make changes. This comes with an added benefit of living the experience as a positive consequence of changing and therefore helping prevent the dreaded slide back into old habits. 


 Change Using Hypnosis

It is always a good time to quit smoking, lose weight or get a little fitter, but just because it's the first of January doesn't mean we are ready to make the changes. Through Hypnotherapy we will set the foundations for motivating you to reach your goal and work with your own motivations to make your changes permanent.  For example, we may set you up with a visualization of your end goal and a series of checkpoints that feed the positive emotion needed to motivate you to achieve your goals.
Using Hypnosis as a tool is particularly effective since this is the powerhouse of the mindset, this is the place where our automatic thoughts, feelings and emotions are developed, before we are consciously aware of them. When we change our relationship with our self on a subconscious level we can change our internal narrative and break the relationships with the unhealthy coping mechanisms we have. 

If you are on the brink of putting your new year's resolutions into the "I'll do that later" like you did last year maybe you should consider hypnosis as an option to change your mindset and motivations to finally make the changes that we all should.