Our Mission:


We give you the tools to become who you want to be.


Our Mission

We want to unshackle you to live to your full potential and overcome fear and anxieties that have been holding you back.   



How we work

We use Hypnosis as a tool to get to the heart of what ever issue you are encountering.  No performing as chickens just cutting past the conscious, mind which is the logical, critical and analytical part of your brain and communicating with the subconscious  mind, which operates in more literal way and communicates back to you as the individual in a language that it understands.  The subconscious is the driver of all our thoughts and patterns  including all our bodily functions.  Hypnotherapy is much like updating the hard drive where we ask you if those old thought patterns actually serve us anymore and you get to update and replace the programs with more suitable options.  Smoking for example, we often took it up in our youth as an easy way to fit in and through repetition our subconscious became convinced it was necessary.  We have all been told enough times that it isn't healthy for you but our conscious mind will find rational excuses on why to buy another packet.   Through hypnosis we can disassociate cigarettes from a social habit to a more realistic view of  what they bring to our lives and create better coping mechanisms when trigger situations arise that would normally cause us to reach for the packet of cigarettes.

While smoking is an easy way to describe how we work there are unlimited ways to use it to your benefit.  We have used it to help overcome stress and anxiety,  to help people move through the divorce process smoothly, allowing a good nights sleep, to be decisive and clear, to allow peak performance at work or to let go of events that impact our lives from the past. 

If you are wondering if Hypnotherapy is a viable option for you, feel free to make contact and ask we will give you an honest appraisal and if we can't help you we have a good network where we can guide you to an appropriate alternative.



We operate in the south coast region of Western Australia, servicing Albany, Denmark, Walpole and Mount Barker. We offer a mobile service where we come to your house in Walpole or Mount Barker or alternatively we have rooms in Denmark and Albany.

While we don't like to put limits on what we can achieve through hypnosis we typically handle issues including 


Overcome anxiety and panic attacks

Address relationship issues

Reduce dependency on alcohol and tobacco

Overcome fears and phobias including fear of flying, spiders, needles, heights and public speaking

Improve your self confidence

Address sexual problems

Gain control of your weight

Adolescent problems

Address sleeping disorders 

Address Gambling addiction

Peak performance for athletes 

Business focus

Feel free to inquire and we will give you an honest appraisal if we think we can be of assistance



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The Team

Steve Edwards

Steve is the business principal and a skilled hypnotherapist.  He has a rich and varied background which he like to bring to his sessions.  Steve is a practical person who brings this into his practice giving his clients a tailored treatment to overcome obstacles into the future.

He is available for consultation in the Great Southern on appointment.


Beverley de la Harpe

My colleague, Beverley de la Harpe has been a hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner for the past decade and then some.  Her interest and enthusiasm for her client’s well-being and change still continues to this day.

Her varied background in the mental health field organically led her to specialise in areas such as stress and anxiety, couple counselling, anger management, motivation  and physical health issues such as weight loss, eating disorders, women and men’s sexual health.  She is available for consultations in both Albany or in Perth by appointment only.


Get Involved

Make a decision,  get clear, make contact, enjoy the ride.


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Payment Policy

We ask for payment to be direct deposited prior to the sessions or  to be made at the time of the appointment. We accept deposit,  Paypal and cash as payment. We also ask for 24 hours notice for cancellation 50% cancellation fee will occur without notice